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Review of Mark Antony movie

This review could still seem more attractive than Adhik Ravichandran’s Mark Antony, a ridiculously noisy and goofy time-travel gangster thriller that neither takes itself seriously nor is quirky enough to ignore its obvious flaws.

SJ Suryah and Vishal jointly control majority of Chennai

Adhik’s story’s unique selling point might revolve around this straightforward but intriguing question: What would happen if a time-travel device got caught up in a violent gang battle from the 1970s? There is potential in Adhik’s premise and in the way he initially uses the time machine. In 1975, Jackie Pandian (SJ Suryah) and Antony (Vishal) jointly control the majority of Chennai.

Mark Antony

Sadly, everything goes wrong when their adversary Ekambaram (Sunil) fatally shoots Antony in a club one fateful night. In 1995, Jackie is a crime lord who is more affectionate with Antony’s kid Mark (again, Vihal) than his own son Madhan (again, Suryah). The situation changes when Mark discovers a Time Travel Phone created by the late scientist Chiranjeevi (Selvaraghavan) and decides to call his deceased parents.

Mark Antony

Adhik utilizes Chiranjeevi’s intriguing sci-tech gear according to his whims, turning it into a toy for some adults’ kids in the process. There are a few limitations to using this device for time travel, including the fact that calls can only be made to the past, that a user cannot call the same date twice, that a first-time user will levitate in the air, that lighting can cause problems, and that only they will be aware of changes in the present after the call.

Mark Antony

But don’t worry about keeping in mind these guidelines—even Adhik doesn’t take them seriously. What is it about Tamil movie heroes that they don’t seem to comprehend even the most basic time-travel laws? Only a few weeks after GV Prakash’s irksome Jeeva in Adiyae, Vishal plays Mark, a figure who neither comprehends time travel nor finds any true solace in writing.

You might even expect Mark to comprehend the dramatic changes following a life-altering time-travel turn, but why bother when he can shake a leg with his ex-girlfriend Ramya (Ritu Varma), a needless damsel-in-distress who gets very little screen time. Many of the characters in this movie express their emotions in a single, frequently loud note: Mark squeals or shudders, Jackie shouts, Antony talks in a low voice when necessary, and Madhan falls somewhere in between.

Mark Antony lacks enjoyment, except for Suryah’s charm

There is nothing particularly enjoyable about Mark Antony—aside from Suryah’s lovely presence and a few excellent masala moments—but it could have been that outright zany entertainer that lets you overlook any logic flaws. The script keeps you waiting for something unexpected to happen—something that defies genre conventions or makes up for everything that’s been lost—but it never does.

And things only get worse when Vishnu Priya Gandhi, a graphically altered lookalike of the late actor Silk Smitha, is introduced for cheap laughs; she is constantly made to speak with a seductress’ modulation, and even Vishal’s dialogue that appears to be sympathetic about what Silk, a.k.a. Vijayalakshmi, experienced can’t hide all the irony in what happens next.

Adhik’s controversial filmmaking continues with ‘Mark Antony’

Adhik has a history of stirring up controversy and is well known for his crude filmmaking, and Mark Antony is no exception. A ruthless, womanizing mobster from the 1970s like Jackie might not be expected to understand queers, so you might overlook his homophobic discourse. But why wouldn’t a filmmaker in 2023 find it difficult to comprehend that a song featuring transwomen just serves to further the fetishization or mockery of these women in society?

The toxic cliché of antagonizing queer characters is again revived when the same transwomen beat to death an effeminate gay character (Y. G. Mahendran) and the same transwomen attempt to kill the main character. Mark Antony’s vibrant colors that stand out from warm tones and the character designs are its sole saving qualities. In a few photos, Vishal and Suryah both appear lovely, and it was clear that both actors enjoyed playing the older personas.

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