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NASA may aid in collecting more UFO data

According to an independent study, NASA could be instrumental in gathering additional information on UFOs, also known as unidentified anomalous phenomena, or FANI, the space agency said on Thursday. The study was produced by a team of experts and scientists that worked independently and in 2022 to develop a path for NASA to start supporting FANI research.

NASA should employ satellites for the investigation

They looked at the data to see if and how these puzzling phenomena could be researched scientifically. The crew didn’t discover any concrete proof that intelligent extraterrestrial life was responsible for the mysterious happenings. In the end, the team came to the conclusion that NASA should use satellites and other devices to investigate the phenomenon.


NASA is actively investigating FANI

The space agency also disclosed on Thursday that it will name its first FANI research director in reaction to the findings. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson stated during a press conference that “this is the first time NASA has taken concrete steps to seriously investigate FANI.”


“We started this without any preconceived notions, but rather with the understanding that we are in a world of discovery.” Extraterrestrials are not the only reason for FANI, or even a plausible explanation, according to the 33-page assessment, which relied on unclassified information to enable public discussion.


However, the quest for conclusive explanations is ongoing. According to the article, “Recently, many credible witnesses, often military pilots, have reported seeing objects in the airspace of the United States that they couldn’t recognize.” A tiny number of these events cannot be instantly classified as recognized phenomena of natural or human origin, though the majority of them have later been explained.

NASA can enhance efforts using current technolog

According to the paper, NASA can increase its efforts to look for solutions utilizing current technology. Nelson also makes reference to the potential application of artificial intelligence to mine massive amounts of data in search of solutions, enabling researchers to compare data gathered by multiple sensors to create a clearer picture of what is currently occurring.

These strange occurrences take place. The paper also stresses the importance of overcoming biases and “preconceived skepticism” that might be inhibiting FANI witnesses from discussing what they have observed. No matter how unpleasant or perplexing reality may be, science is a process that discloses it rather than shapes it, according to the paper.

However, the authors of the report are aware that eyewitness statements are frequently incorrect and challenging to verify. “A rigorous scientific framework, based on evidence and data, is therefore essential to understanding FANI,” the paper asserts. The report stresses the importance of the scientific method and quotes Thomas Jefferson on the need for further research into unresolved issues:

“Every day a thousand phenomena occur that we cannot explain, but when facts are suggested that bear no analogy with the laws of nature that we still understand, their veracity requires proof proportional to their difficulty. In other words, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” according to the report.

NASA’s associate deputy administrator for research, Dan Evans, stated at a panel discussion on Thursday that the space agency would withhold the identity of its new FANI research director in part due to the risk of harassment. Evans claimed that people now taking part in the independent study saw online abuse and harassment that went “beyond the pale.”

Do you think there is life in a cosmos that is so huge that I have trouble comprehending its size? Personally, I’d say without a doubt,” Nelson states. He clarified that this does not imply that the FANI constitute evidence for the existence of such creatures.

In order for sentient life to reach Earth and remain undetected, it would likely need to travel for millions or even billions of light years. Nelson affirms, “Our goal is to redirect the FANI conversation from sensationalism to a concentration on science.”

Nelson stressed in his remarks that the search for extraterrestrial life is already a fundamental tenet of NASA. Using cutting-edge telescopes, the organization has been conducting this kind of study for decades in an effort to find planets that may be just as hospitable to Earth as our own.

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